BCL SPA SPA53310 Bcl Spa薰衣草+薄荷完整的4步系统


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所有这4个步骤将皮肤合为一体。尝试使用Bio Creative Labs的BCL SPA薰衣草+薄荷完整4步系统。作为皮肤护理领域的领导者,Bio Creative Labs是业内第一个将经过认证的有机成分引入完整的水疗美甲和修脚系统的品牌。BCL以创造创新和高品质的产品而闻名,这些产品不仅具有专业等级,而且对您的皮肤也非常安全。
All of the 4 steps to greater skin in one. Try the BCL SPA Lavender + Mint Complete 4-step System from Bio Creative Labs. A leader in skincare, Bio Creative Labs was the first brand in the industry to introduce certified organic ingredients into a complete spa manicure and pedicure system. BCL is known for creating innovative and high-quality products that are not only professional grade but also great and safe for your skin.